Soy Capitán, Berlin
 April 26 – June 21, 2014

Strike the Pose

While sitting in the lukewarm hot tub, dry desert mountains ahead, a long journey behind, R says: „Think globaly, act localy“.
And I say: „Think globaly, act globaly“.
He says: „Yeah“.
And I also say: „Yeah“.
We remain silent then.
We continue drinking cold beer in the tub.
A roadrunner pokes along and then a rabbit. Very lame dudes but hardly surprising considering that kind of heat. P. behind the neighbor’s fence introduces his sister.
Her name is C.
„So nice to meet you!“ we respond out of the pool.
We wave our hands a little, too.
The neighbor’s dog barks.
Over the fence again, P. shouts that the dog is quite ugly.
R. and I both shout „Yeah“.
The neighbor walks back into the house to his sister.
Eventually R. says to me: „Don‘t try to be interesting, be interested“.
I answer: „Yeah“.
After a while I also add: „Be interesting and be interested“.
R. says „Yeah“.

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