Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf
Sep 8th – Oct 8th, 2017

‘I took one look at the house and I knew, I just knew’ recounts Jane Fonda in softly-spoken tone. In a theatrical video that appeared online at the beginning of the year, the two-time Academy Award winner shared her personal memories to say goodbye to the impressive modernist mansion that she had bought in 2012. Engaging with new technologies, Fonda provocatively merges private self with public identity.

The publicity of the private, argues architectural historian Beatriz Colomina in Privacy and Publicity: Modern Architecture and Mass Media, is a product of modernity. With the emergence of the mass media that have come to define twentieth-century culture, the inside of the house became an extension of the public life of spectacle. It is in this vein that Henning Strassburger’s JANE, the artist’s second exhibition with Sies + Höke challenges notions of public and private, exterior and interior.

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